Burning Man Ultra Marathon

September 16, 20131 Comment

The Most amazing, quirky and fun race on the planet…and believe me, Burning Man is its own planet entirely!

It started off loud (parties in full force at 5am), then got a little quieter on the second lap around 6am (partiers going to bed), then it got confusing, exciting, inspiring, beautiful, difficult, desolate and rewarding.

Two days before heading out to my very first Burning Man, I Googled “running at burning man” to see if I could find anyone to exercise with. Being an active Boulder boy, I wanted to break up the partying with some healthy movement. What came back from Google put a huge smile on my face. The Burning Man Ultra Marathon!  I’d never run a 50k before and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

These simple, yet powerful words from their website sealed the deal: “It’s fun. It’s insane. It’s the ultimate high.”

We stopped at every opportunity to dance, watched the beautiful sunrise, witnessed the last stragglers wandering off to their camps and ultimately completed four laps of Black Rock City (seven miles each, plus an extra three miles to make it a clean 50k).

Made a lot of new friends!



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