East Coast: Maine to Key West, FL

Out Takes Video

November 29, 20071 Comment

Check out some funny out takes from the road Check out the entire collection of articles and videos from the DailyCamera Now that I’m done, I need a job, someone please hire me!!!

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Back in Boulder

November 22, 20073 Comments

Check out the final Daily Camera video, A1A to Key West Yesterday I was enjoying the beach and today I am (not) enjoying the snow. Get me back to the warm weather!! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Here is the credit roll for everyone who hosted us on this trip: Maine-Larry and Diane, thanks for the […]

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Southernmost Duzer

November 21, 20074 Comments

The sun hung high in the deep blue sky as a slight ocean breeze ticked my face. To my left and right were oceans of turquoise water as far as the eye could see. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I pedaled across the final bridge heading into Key West. My chain […]

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Mile 0! Key West

November 18, 200712 Comments

key west! Originally uploaded by duzercruzer We made it, we made it! What a great feeling it is to be here. Maine feels so far away now, actually it feels about 2400 miles away. We pedaled through cities, through countrysides, in rainstorms, with headwind, tailwind, slept in barns, slept on train tracks and met countless […]

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Mile 90

November 17, 20071 Comment

Hello folks, we are now on mile marker 90 and this means that we are 90 miles away from our final destination, Key West! Yesterday’s ride took us through orange groves and all sorts of other fruits as we escaped out of the big city of Miami.  By the way, Miami drivers are nuts, they […]

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Lovedy and Guillermo

November 16, 20073 Comments

Aren’t they cute? Our hosts in Miami, Lovedy and Guillermo, could not have been more accommodating. Last night they took us to South Beach and introduced us to the world of scantily clad Latinas dancing on bars. It may have been a dream but they all seemed to be wearing Cheetah outfits, rar! I could […]

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Today’s Article and Video

November 15, 20072 Comments

Ok, you’ve been waiting for it a week and here it is! The sixth installment of ‘Life at 15mph’ in the DailyCamera, hooray. The video is at the bottom of the article, just scroll down to the bottom if you want to skip the reading and go right to the fun stuff. ready, set….click here […]

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Bienvenido a Miami!

November 15, 20071 Comment

Palm Beach was wonderful and once again, it was hard to leave such a fun loving family. They are full of good energy. Big thanks to Carol, Mark, Kellie, Blaine, Ted and everyone else who made our stay so special. Hooray for the North Palm Posse! We rode alongside mansions all day long. From West […]

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Space Duzer

November 13, 20070 Comments

To Infinity and Beyond! Found this little guy off the side of the road, pretty impressive sight. It’s amazing to think that this hunk of metal has been to the far reaches of space. Gives me hope that my hunk of aluminum can make it to Key West.

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Palm Beach Baby!

November 13, 20073 Comments

You’ll be happy to know that we survived our exciting camping experience at the construction site in Daytona. I couldn’t get out of that city quick enough! One of the major benefits of camping at a construction site is that they have Port-O-Potties! A great comfort for those early morning poop parties I seem to […]

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