Desert Solitaire

November 13, 20111 Comment

I love riding my bike, plain and simple.  It feels amazing to be back on the road, eating beans, sleeping under the stars (and full moon) and moving my body…and mind.


Someone asked me recently how I maintain the inspiration to pedal day after day.  Well…It’s like anything in life, you power through it.  I wake up, set a goal and charge.  Yeah the cold sucks, yeah the headwinds are brutal and yeah my legs are sore as hell but I push all that aside and pedal myself into the zone.  It’s helpful to make little rewards and always have something to look forward to. I’ll often say, “Ok, ten more miles and I’ll treat myself to a huge Peanut butter and honey tortilla.”  There is always something good waiting down the road…a friend, a warm bed, or a beautiful city.  Pedal Pedal Pedal.  Stay positive, stay focused and eventually you’ll get a magical day with the wind at your back, sunshine above and all is beautiful in the world.  


People often ask if I get bored, and to tell you the truth, I never ever get bored.  My mind is always running, always thinking, I’m planning out life, thinking about fun memories, dreaming about girls (girl), singing songs to myself, gazing at the clouds or simply focusing on the beautiful nature around me.  Being out in the elements makes me feel more alive than anything.  I  breathe fresh air all day everyday, it’s the most healthy feeling in the world. 


Am I really taking a month to ride across the country…AGAIN? Yes! I know I’m incredibly lucky, I know I live a charmed life and thank you all for letting me share these adventures with you. 


The road less traveled is where you can find me.







I’m in Tucson right now and I love it here, it’s an edgy western meets funky southwestern city.   So if you’re flying from the UK to Arizona don’t forget you can leave your car at Heathrow Airport Parking or Manchester Airport Parking or Luton Airport Parking for your next holiday to Arizona.

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  1. Andy says:

    Ryan! That video is great! All the best to you and Nick from Tucson!

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