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The Last Ride

April 9, 20160 Comments

My beloved Trek 8000 finally died. This bike took me on countless adventures and showed me the world in a way I’d never seen.

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Loving the Bike

October 22, 20150 Comments

I got bored and interviewed myself about why I love biking. Here is my answer.

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Dream Job with Travel Channel

August 6, 20130 Comments

“Cycling really is the best way to see the world, you’re going slow enough to enjoy all the beauty, wind in your hair, fresh air to breathe, life is Good!” I finally get to say these words on a Travel Channel show and I couldn’t be more excited to bring the joys of cycle touring […]

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Bicycle Honeymoon

May 20, 20130 Comments

You all know that I love my bicycle.  It ranks right up there with bean burritos, Latin women and sunny days.  In my latest adventure, you’ll see exactly how much I adore my two-wheeled love machine. This touching love story was filmed in Aruba while on a press trip with Diamond PR and the Aruba […]

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Cycling Prince Edward Island

January 17, 20130 Comments

I had the privilege of going to beautiful Prince Edward Island this past year while on assignment for Matador,  here’s the article.  It’s Canada eh!

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December 21, 20111 Comment

I began this journey on the beaches of San Diego by quoting Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”    Well I’ve been on countless daring adventures but none quite like this.  Instead of focusing on the physical aspect, I wanted to take this opportunity to dive deep into my […]

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The Final March

December 13, 20112 Comments

I’m sitting here in Tarpon Springs Florida, there’s a warm breeze flowing through the palm trees, the sky is crystal clear and it’s blasting 80 degrees of pure summer lovin’ warmth on my face!  This is the way I envisioned the weather when I escaped from a cold, snowy Boulder over a month ago.   […]

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Thanksgiving on Two Wheels

November 25, 20113 Comments

I’ve had A LOT of time to think lately.  8-10 hours a day on the bike allows for some serious pedal powered pondering.  It would fill endless pages to list everything I’m been thinking about, but the main topics of my Thankgiving Love-a-Thon are as follows:   -Family,Friends,Health,Love,Life,Laughing,Burritos,Sunrises,Sunsets,Good shelters in the rain,Downhill,Tailwinds,Starry Nights,Friendly Strangers,Train horns,Smooth […]

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Nick’s Sore Ass, and Other Short Stories

November 20, 20113 Comments

I’m proud of Nick.  He’s one of the toughest guys I’ve ever met but he’s definitely not a cyclist.  He looks like a Silverback Gorilla on a childs BMX.  This isn’t easy for him but he’s pushing through the pain, much like he was doing one year ago as we suffered together in the jungles […]

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Desert Solitaire

November 13, 20111 Comment

I love riding my bike, plain and simple.  It feels amazing to be back on the road, eating beans, sleeping under the stars (and full moon) and moving my body…and mind.   Someone asked me recently how I maintain the inspiration to pedal day after day.  Well…It’s like anything in life, you power through it.  […]

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