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Paradise Hunting in Jamaica

February 26, 20140 Comments

Behind the scenes footage of filming the Paradise Hunter TV show in Jamaica.

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The Eco Playground!

January 6, 20140 Comments

Costa Rica is a Mother Nature loving, adventure seeking paradise! In this tiny county (the size of West Virgina) you can surf, climb, repel, jump into endless waterfalls, raft world class rivers, zip-line through jungle canopies (they invented it), dive, climb, and never get bored frolicking through he most pristine rainforests in the world. *Bonus—it’s […]

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Duzer Duz 2013

January 3, 20140 Comments

It was an amazing year of adventures, new friends and unforgettable experiences.

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America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions (Travel Channel)

December 18, 20130 Comments

I film a lot of travel and adventure content, but did you know that I’m also pretty handy in a dark haunted house? For the third year, I’ve produced a couple segments for Travel Channel’s hour long special America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions.  It’s a fun detour from typical travel content and I love seeing all […]

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Burning Man!

November 9, 20130 Comments

This short video will pretty much give you an idea of the magic that is Burning Man.

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October 14, 20130 Comments

I only spent four days on Maui, but in that short time, I fell in love! I’ve been known to fall hard and fast, but this was different, this was a genuine, lasting love. And no, I didn’t fall for a special girl, every beautiful girl had a beautiful man in tow. This is not […]

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Burning Man Ultra Marathon

September 16, 20131 Comment

The Most amazing, quirky and fun race on the planet…and believe me, Burning Man is its own planet entirely! It started off loud (parties in full force at 5am), then got a little quieter on the second lap around 6am (partiers going to bed), then it got confusing, exciting, inspiring, beautiful, difficult, desolate and rewarding. […]

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My #BraveNewToes Adventure with KEEN

August 14, 20130 Comments

KEEN reached out recently asking me to rock their new CNX shoes for a day of Adventure.  I took up the challenge and packed as much fun as possible into one beautiful Colorado day! We went hiking, biking, tubing, climbing and most importantly, beer drinking.  ***This is a paid sponsorship with KEEN. 

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Dream Job with Travel Channel

August 6, 20130 Comments

“Cycling really is the best way to see the world, you’re going slow enough to enjoy all the beauty, wind in your hair, fresh air to breathe, life is Good!” I finally get to say these words on a Travel Channel show and I couldn’t be more excited to bring the joys of cycle touring […]

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Bikes Can Save the World!

July 31, 20130 Comments

This past October I spoke at the Global Cleantech conference in Boston with a bunch of folks who were WAY smarter than me.  Governor Duval Patrick opened the conference, and I finished it off in typical Duzer style, with loud, passionate outbursts about bicycles.   

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