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November 24, 20150 Comments

This summer I ran around Paris having as much fun as possible. From dining in the Eiffel Tower to visiting the memorials in Normandy, there’s a reason why this is the world’s #1 travel destination. *There are many videos in the above playlist, so just let it roll.

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Loving the Bike

October 22, 20150 Comments

I got bored and interviewed myself about why I love biking. Here is my answer.

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Mama Moab

October 16, 20150 Comments

I fell in love with the deserts of Utah on an Outward Bound trip when I was 16. It’s my favorite place to camp, bike, hike, run and get dirty.  This Fall, my mom got to experience the magic. She fell in love too…

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The Burningman Ultra Marathon

September 10, 20150 Comments

The wildest race on the planet! It’s dusty, it’s crazy, it’s full of freaks…and that’s just the way we like it. 31 miles of pure joy, the video says it all.

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June 25, 20150 Comments

Race Across America is one of the toughest endurance cycling events on the planet, and somehow, I got myself involved. It was incredible in every way. Incredibly hard, frustrating, scary, exhausting and most of all, FUN!  

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Boulder High Grad Speech

June 3, 20150 Comments

It was an absolute honor to speak to the 2015 graduation class this year at Boulder High School. My goal was to entertain the grads, get em thinking, get em moving and hopefully to leave them with some lasting inspiration as they head out into the ‘real world.’ Bonus-Here’s my BHS speech back in 2008. […]

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Cameo on Travel Channel’s ‘Trip Flip’

June 1, 20150 Comments

This past February I flew to Traverse City Michigan for 24 freezing hours. Most of those 24 hours however, were were spent in the warm confines of the North Peak Brewery, filming a segment for Bert Kreisher’s Travel Channel show, Trip Flip. I was asked to be a beer expert on behalf of Microbrew Madness, a […]

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May 13, 20150 Comments

I recently traveled to the beautiful island of Taiwan to shoot some fun videos with Viator. I had barely any knowledge of Taiwan before the trip, and truthfully, it wasn’t on my list of top destinations. Boy was I was for a surprise! Have fun watching this Taiwan-A-thon!        

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Running Wild

April 20, 20150 Comments

I went to Mexico with some friends to have a great adventure and run the longest race of my life. It didn’t turn out like I envisioned…but when life hands you lemons, you buy tons of Tecate and make the best of it! Huge thanks to Boulder Brands for their generous support in making this […]

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34 Miles on Two Feet

February 18, 20150 Comments

I’ve run a lot of races in my life, but this was the most painful. I guess 34 miles miles of pounding on Slick-rock will do that. Don’t let this happy finish line photo fool you. My emotions ranged from: I love this, I hate this, I’m high on life, this really sucks, life is beautiful, […]

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